Run Your Business or It’ll Run You

How many of you have been completely overwhelmed by your business? You think you have it all under control until either rapid growth or problems change your mind. You find yourself so involved with every aspect of the daily grind that you can’t focus on solutions for the situations at hand. It’s a tough placeContinue reading “Run Your Business or It’ll Run You”

What Legal Documents Do My Business Really Need?

When you say “legal documentation”, virtually everybody in business immediately thinks of contracts, especially sales and service contracts. Of course you need those, but what about using legal documentation to determine exactly how your business will operate, even in your absence? This is of course a complicated subject, but let’s explore a simplified version ofContinue reading “What Legal Documents Do My Business Really Need?”

The Importance of Protecting Your Business’ Assets

I know most asset protection articles out there focus on protecting personal property from business liabilities, but how do you protect your business’ assets? “Insurance” is the most common answer I get to that question, and I definitely agree. It is an absolute necessity to be adequately insured. BUT, that’s not the end all beContinue reading “The Importance of Protecting Your Business’ Assets”