Run Your Business or It’ll Run You

How many of you have been completely overwhelmed by your business? You think you have it all under control until either rapid growth or problems change your mind. You find yourself so involved with every aspect of the daily grind that you can’t focus on solutions for the situations at hand. It’s a tough placeContinue reading “Run Your Business or It’ll Run You”

Starting a Business – A Basic How-To Guide

You’ve made the decision, you’re tired of working for “the man” and you’re going to start a business, but where do you start?  Do you set up a DBA and get a bank account? Do you create a LLC, LLP or Corporation? What about an operating agreement or your business plan? What’s your online presenceContinue reading “Starting a Business – A Basic How-To Guide”

How to Improve Your Business in These Difficult Times

Let’s get straight to the point, the world is a little crazy right now. For many of you that own small businesses, it’s absolutely terrifying. I know you’re wondering if you’ll ever recover, and if so, how. The uncertainty is smothering, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The question you should ask yourselfContinue reading “How to Improve Your Business in These Difficult Times”

Processes: The Good, The Bad and The “What Were You Thinking?”

Processes are an essential part of running an effective business. I’m pretty sure that’s something that every business owner knows. I mean, how else do employees know how to do repetitive tasks consistently? Are they left to just figure it out on their own? If so, there goes that whole consistency thing you were shootingContinue reading “Processes: The Good, The Bad and The “What Were You Thinking?””